QR Code Programs

QR stands for Quick Response.  You have likely begun to notice the use of QR Codes on more and more print media over the past year.  QR Codes are scanned by mobile devices using the camera and a scanner application on the user’s phone and are directed immediately to a mobile web page that the code is designed for.  A QR Code can used in any number of ways, limited only by your creativity and needs.  For example, it can take you to an information page, a page to opt into a text message or e-mail program, an “enter to win” page, or a featured product page.

Most QR Codes are plain black and white, but you can also use your existing branding as part of your QR Code marketing program (see example below).


Our services can assist you in creating a custom-branded QR Code for your campaign as an additional tool for your brand recognition.  When you contract with Central NY Mobile Marketing to create a mobile page, a plain QR Code is included for your use OR you can upgrade to a custom branded QR Code for an additional fee (all fees are listed on our pricing page).

Sample Plain vs. Custom QR Codes
We can assist you in creating a custom-branded QR Code or a simple QR Code that you can integrate into your existing marketing programs or use as a central piece of a new program.