Carry Out and Delivery Orders through Mobile and Web – Consumer Conveniences

By Susan O’Handley, Central NY Mobile Marketing

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HARTWICK, NY (05/17/2012)– Businesses in the restaurant industry can realize immediate benefits from mobile marketing, particularly through messaging programs. For example, a messaging program can target followers with special offers and help fill empty seats any day of the week. The mobile platform opens up other opportunities for customer convenience as well. Restaurants that offer carry out and/or delivery service can also provide the option for customers to place orders through their smartphone, tablet or personal computer. This service benefits both the consumer and the business owner.

Smart businesses recognize that a mobile presence is a marketing imperative in today’s environment. The use of mobile devices continues to grow at an extremely fast rate (a Google study reports a 400% increase in device users in 2011). As consumers rely more on mobile devices for information, businesses that market to them are recognized with both loyalty and increased sales.

Traditionally, a customer placing a carry-out order uses their phone and calls the restaurant to place their order. They must have either a physical copy of the menu in hand, must be able to view it online, or must be familiar enough with it to know exactly what they want.. The mobile application allows a restaurant’s entire menu to be listed in an easy-to-view, easy-to-order configuration, and can be accessed from anywhere the customer has service: at home, the office, or on the road.

The mobile application not only allows customers the convenience of ordering from anywhere, it also allows them to choose quantities, special options, such as ‘well done’, and to set a pick-up time. When the customer finishes compiling her order, she can review it, make final changes to it, and then submit it. This initiates the credit card payment process through the restaurant’s own secure online payment platform.

Once the customer completes her transaction, the restaurant is notified via one of several options: text message, tablet or mobile application, e-mail, fax, phone call or directly to their Point of Sale program. When the restaurant indicates they have received the order, a confirmation is sent to the customer to let them know that their order will be ready for pick up at a specified time. They need only to go to the pick-up window, show their receipt on their phone/provide identification so they receive the order they have placed.

This application is simple, convenient, affordable and effective. It can be easily combined with a custom-branded QR code to offer coupons and special discounts to your patrons. As part of a larger advertising promotion or social media campaign, the ability to offer mobile ordering sends a clear message to customers that their convenience is important.

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