Central NY Mobile Marketing Announces New Service Packages

When discussing marketing with business owners, it is obvious in most cases that tasks often fall to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.  Part of this is a result of the plight of the small business owner who is wearing many hats, making sure that other areas of their business are operating effectively; part of this is the level of discomfort with the use of the technologies that are required to carry out some of these items.  We have developed these New Service Packages as affordable, ‘we-do-it-for-you’ alternatives to address some of the missing components.

service packagesThese activity-based services ensure that things get done, with minimal burden to the owner or staff.  The monthly investment for these services is a fraction of the cost to hire someone internally and in most cases can take a large up-front investment and allow for affordable monthly payments.  We invite you to review these new services and let us know  – Can We Help You?

We are happy to discuss all of our service packages in greater detail and are putting together some special discounts for a first month trial promotion.  Sign up for our email notifications of Promotions and Special Announcements using the form below.