Central NY Mobile Marketing provides business communications services that include the following:

Blog/News Content for your Website

We work with you to identify topics that are pertinent to your business and industry and provide new content on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  Regular new original content on your website is one of the best ways to increase your search rankings.


Social Media Content Services

This service provides content for your social media feeds on a regular basis based on your needs (3x/week or daily content plans available) to multiple networks.  Primary networks include Facebook, Twitter and Google +, but you can add service for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare as well.


E-mail Programs

Great for sending out your detailed content, our E-Mail campaign program sends your message out to your subscribers on a regular basis – start with a once a month program and build your email audience!


Text Messaging Programs

Recent studies show that 70% of mobile device users engage in text messaging.  Our program assists you in getting your message out to mobile devices through an affordable text message service linked to your own QR Code and mobile web page.


Media Services

Our staff researches appropriate media outlets for your business messaging and provides service to create and distribute your Press Releases accordingly.  This service can include individual regional calendar entry submissions as well.  We can also develop and coordinate print and digital ad placements as part of this program.