Text Messaging Programs

Recent studies show that 70% of mobile device users engage in text messaging.  Our program assists you in getting your message out to mobile devices through an affordable text message service linked to your own QR Code and mobile web page.

Text message programs can be a highly effective marketing tool for your business primarily because those who are receiving your messages have told you they want to!  A text messaging program can be a stand-alone service, but is more effective when integrated with the opt-in piece through QR Code and Mobile Web Page Campaigns.

Ideally limited to no more than 3 messages per week, messages to your subscribers should be targeted towards action and specific for this group within your market.  You want to allow those who opt into the program to receive something special.  Each message is able to be tracked and coded – users show their code or scan their coupon when they attend your event so you can analyze your return on investment.


Some text message program examples include:

  • Coupon or special offer sent as text message with a limited time use (half price appetizer with purchase of dinner)
  • Featured product of the week (20% off handbags and scarves this week only)
  • Special event detail (XYZ Band playing this Friday from 9-12pm)
  • Menu items (Special of the week: minestrone soup with popover and fruit: $5.00 with this message)
  • Appointment reminders (Don’t forget your dentist appointment on Tuesday at 1pm)
Be creative!  Keep your messages interesting and timely and most of all, help drive your customers to action.  They want to be engaged with your business (implied by their opt-in).