Design your Own Digital Marketing Services Package

Because every business is different, our staff will work with you to design your own service package that is developed to meet the needs for your specific business.

digital marketing services for small businessesOur Digital Marketing Services are organized into two categories:  Business Online Presence and Business Communications.  These packages represent alternative solutions for your business marketing at an affordable monthly cost.  Mix and match from some of the options below to develop the perfect plan for your business!  

Please note that fees listed below are approximate estimates only to provide some guidance on our fees.  Each project is quoted individually.

Digital Marketing Services Packages


CNYMM Services

Services and Estimated Fees Chart (for customized ala carte service.)
CNYMM Services Chart  
Product or ServiceInvoicingEstimated Cost
Business Online PresenceThe items below address the more static pieces of your internet presence. There may be changes in your content throughout the year in each of these pieces, but they are typically small or predicated by seasonal content changes.
Domain RegistrationAnnual; Includes registration, admin and renewals on behalf of the client. The client owns the domain.$20-$30
Hosting (no admin)Annual$200-$225
Hosting with adminAnnual$285-$325
Single pageOne Time$385 to $525
Three Pages (basic)One Time$750 to $995
Five Pages (basic)One Time$1,225 to $2,800
Dedicated Mobile Websites
Basic conversionOne Time$375 to $525
with special configurationsOne Time$525-$775
Other services can include verification of your Google Local Page; Checking and developing business listings on local, regional and national directories; Enhanced SEO services and more.
Business CommunicationsThese services address your constantly changing internet messages - your sales, your special offers, and your ongoing conversations with your customers and the public. These products are for your most pertinent, 'in-the-moment' communications for your business.
Text Messaging Account Set upOne Time$150-$175
Text Message credit fees Monthly; (per message- typically purchased at 500 credits; replenished as needed)$50
Email Messaging Set UpOne Time$60-$75
Email Per CampaignMonthly$45-$65
Website Blog/News Content Curation
Single articleMonthly$110-$125
Two articlesMonthly$175-$200
Three articlesMonthly$220-$285
Four articlesMonthly$240-$300
Social Network Content Services
Single Network (min 12x/mo)Monthly$110-$125
Single Network(daily 30-31)Monthly$165-$180
Two Networks (min 12x/mo)Monthly$145-$185
Two Networks (daily 30-31)Monthly$230-$280
Up to 4 Networks (min 12x/mo)Monthly$245-$300
Up to 4 Networks (daily 30-31)Monthly$325-$400
PR & Media Releases
Account Set upOne Time$110-$125
Single ReleaseMonthly$110-$125
Two ReleasesMonthly$175-$200
Three ReleasesMonthly$220-$285
Business AdvertisingDigital Advertising for your business administered by CNYMM
Pay per Click Search & Display Ads (GoogleAdWords)
Account Set upOne Time$110-$125
Monthly Service/AdminMonthly (per campaign)$110-$125
Advertising budget Monthly at discretion; (no markup - allows for rollover; suggested at min $100 per month)$100.00
Additional services can include Facebook and Twitter Ad Campaigns; Print ad development and placement; Brochure and rack card design services, delivery and more.


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