Home Buyers Go Mobile

Home Buyers Go Mobile
What will they find when they look in YOUR area?

A recent report from Zillow (a leading real estate information marketplace) announced that mobile searches for homes have overtaken search via personal computer.  Their report indicated that 98% of home buyers found mobile devices to be valuable tools in their new home search process, with photos and videos being the most popular service along with obtaining listing information and details about other homes in the area.  Almost 70% of users indicated that they contacted a real estate professional based on their mobile search results.

When someone searches for real estate in your area using a mobile device, what will they find?  I tested this in our own area today through a Google search.  Out of the top five results, not one of the websites was formatted for display on my mobile device.  I continued to the sixth on the list and was finally rewarded with a display/mobile site that was easy to read and easy to navigate.  This statistic holds true for all of the agencies in our area, with only one out of every six providing a mobile-friendly display.

According to eMarketer, the number of smartphone users globally is expected to double by the end of 2016.  Businesses in all industries are advised to act now to address their ability to meet the needs of this growing market of mobile users.

For those in the real estate industry, there are additional features that add benefit to going mobile.  As mentioned above, the use of videos and photos are a great way to feature details of each of your home listings.  Messaging options can deliver all the details about a listing instantly to a prospective home buyer upon request.  It can also be used as a tool to find other similar homes in the area and send that information to them as well.  Agents and brokers are immediately notified of communications and have the opportunity to follow up with a potential client.  Reports through mobile analytics can indicate what homes are being requested and viewed most frequently, helping an agency to develop and refine their marketing.

If you are not sure of the value of mobile conversion, ask your current clients, prospects, and friends if they use a smartphone.  We believe that you will be hearing ‘yes’ more and more often. In addition, navigate to your website through a smartphone.  Is it easy to view without touching the screen?  Can you navigate to your main content sections without clicking on an incorrect link? What do your client’s listings look like? Is there a way for a prospective home buyer to receive information and updates on a particular listing or on other listings in their price range or in a particular territory?  If these answers are not satisfactory, are you ready to address your need for mobile marketing?

Central NY Mobile Marketing works with businesses to affordably convert websites for mobile format and display and also offers messaging and other services.  To schedule for a free one-hour consultation or to request a free before/after comparison of your website on mobile, please call 607-643-5680 or email: susan@cnymobilemarketing.com.  Additional information is available at www.cnymobilemarketing.com .