Making the Case for Mobile (Part 1)


Website and Mobile for Barnyard Swing Miniature Golf, Cooperstown, NY

Mobilizing Your Website Content

As a mobile marketing professional, I am often asked why mobile is important for businesses to consider as part of their marketing plans.  The simple response is that people across the globe are connecting through mobile devices more than ever before.

We no longer use phones just for calling – we use them for everything: email, internet, social networks, games, videos, calendars, task lists, notes, music, photos…and the list goes on … limited only by the imagination of amazing app developers.   I use my phone as a compass, a street map, a phone directory, a flashlight, to read books, to research information, to access information on documents in the cloud and more.  Although I still depend on my home computer, I am no longer tied to it in the same way as in the past.  My phone goes with me everywhere with few exceptions and statistics show that this is the case for most mobile device users.  If you are currently using an older style flip phone, my guess is that when you eventually upgrade your device, you will upgrade to a smartphone.

That being said, as a mobile user (and a mobile proponent), I become increasingly frustrated to find that most businesses are not concerned about losing the prospective mobile client.  If your information is not easy to read on a smartphone, customers will not spend the time looking for information on your site, but instead will continue searching until a business is found that is willing to provide access to their information in a way that is functional for them on their smartphone.

Converting your website content to mobile is an affordable marketing expense for your business and allows for configuration of built-in apps for an immediate call to action (Click to Call, Click to Find Us, Click to Purchase, Share with Social Networks, etc.).  The cost for conversion of most smaller websites is in the $500-$700 range, with larger sites being closer to $1000 or more.  If these are higher than your current budget allows, consider a one-page simple mobile presence with premium apps for $350 – $400 as a stop-gap measure.

I encourage business owners to carefully look at their client base and ask – Are they using mobile devices?  While I’m certain the answer is “YES”, the more important question is “ARE YOU?”

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