Mobile Customer Connection

Mobile Customer Connection

We have designed our program around customer engagement. We took the things that people do the most on their smart-phones and tablet devices, and created a 3-layer program that uses these “favorite things” to get customers to interact with your business from anywhere they happen to be; at home, in town, out of town, at work, in travel, on holiday, and even at your place of business.

Our 3-layer program provides businesses with the most effective customer connection media ever, and with a lower budget requirement than that needed for any other marketing media (print, radio, tv, web, etc.)

Our three layers are;

·         Text Message Program
The public will opt-in to receive your text messages. The messages can contain:

o         Discount offers

o        Special event notification

o        Reminders

o        Emergency alerts

o        Link to mobile web app

o        Tips / inspirational quotes, etc.

·         QR Codes
Using their smart-phone or tablet device, customers will scan a custom-branded QR Code. Each QR Code will be programmed to activate the devices to perform a function to connect customers with your business, such as;

o        Opt-in to your text messaging program

o        Open your mobile web app

o        Initiate a phone call or email

·         Mobile Web App
Our mobile web apps are a combined interface of several Google and social media apps which create a “multi-stream” interactive mobile environment to engage your customers. The landing page is titled as such because it is where viewers land when they scan a QR Code or tap a link found in their Text Message they receive from your business. This landing page is the place where customers really begin to engage with your business via mobile. Here they can;

o        Call your store

o        Opt-in to your text message program

o        Email you

o        Watch your YouTube videos

o        See your location on a map

o        Navigate (driving or walking) to your place of business

o        Mobile-based orders

o        Mobile-based reservations

o        Mobile-based Purchase

o        Visit and “Like” your Facebook page

o        Fill out a “how’d we do?” comment form

o        Write a review in Google Places or other travel-related sites

o        View and/or download your menu / product list

o        Tap to view other landing pages or go to other mobile web apps

Let’s look at an example of a good strategy / implementation of our 3-layer mobile customer connection program, from the end user experience perspective.

Jack and Jill get a pizza delivered from Northeast Pizza. On the box they see a (branded) QR Code.  Jill uses her smart-phone and scans the QR Code and she is presented with a mobile web app.  Looking at the screen she sees where she could touch a button to call the restaurant, another button to watch their videos, another button to get directions to their store, and another to opt-in to receive their text message specials and discounts.  Jill touches the opt-in button, types in the keyword in the instructions and sends the opt-in text.  Within seconds she receives a “thank you” reply from the restaurant.  

Jill and Jack enjoy their pizza and continue to explore the mobile web app, watching a couple of videos where they learn more about the restaurant.  From one of the YouTube videos they learn that Northeast Pizza also has a brew pub attached to their restaurant that features fresh made beer and live music.

Jill also finds a button where she can fill out a comment form on their food and experience with Northeast Pizza.  Jill fills out the form and submits it.  Then she decided to share this fun experience with others so she taps the button for the Google Places page for the restaurant and then types a review for others to see.   Jack has also scanned the QR Code on his phone and has tapped the Facebook button and has been exploring the restaurant’s Facebook page.  They finished their pizza and discussed how unique it was to interact with the restaurant while eating at home.

The next week Jill receives a text message from the restaurant that contained an announcement of a special band playing this Saturday night, and a coupon for $2 off her first drink purchase.  She told Jack about it and they made plans to attend the event.  That Saturday night they went to the brew pub and enjoyed an evening of food, drink, and music, and spent $60 there that evening, and enjoyed themselves so much that they plan to come again soon.

The next day Jill logged onto her Facebook and shared her fun night with her friends.  She posted the opt-in number and keyword on her Facebook wall and told all her friends that they can get discounts texted to them if they opt-in to the service.

That is a good example of how a restaurant can utilize our mobile customer connection, but really it is useful for any business or organization.   All one needs to do is think about how a business or organization interacts with its customers, and then imagine how that could be done with the use of a mobile device.  Generally, the ideas that you come up with, we can make happen.