Mobile Websites

Mobile device users expect mobile-friendly content.

Sample website displayed on a smartphone – not mobile optimized.

Since more and more people are using mobile devices to navigate the web, businesses need to make sure their websites will display ‘mobile-friendly’.  A mobile website should be easy to view and easy to navigate on a screen that is 2 inches wide.  We help you set up your subdomain and tracking as well as configuration for redirecting mobile users automatically to the mobile website.  One low price for most websites!


If you do not have a ‘responsive design’ for your website (one that automatically re-configures content based on the width of the viewing screen), then you might want to consider a separate mobile site.  As of Summer 2015, mobile optimization became part of the parameters used for Google’s search rankings.

Our program provides for full conversion of your website to mobile format and will integrate:

  • existing branding – company logo and colors
  • touch-dial phone number application
  • business or location address map application
  • touch to email
  • site navigation with content
  • hosting (included in development fee for first year, renewed annually after that)
  • a plain generated QR Code (provided in small, medium, and large image print sizes) to use in various print media to drive users to the mobile site.

Additional application features are available, including:

  • embed of  YouTube Video content
  • Facebook and Social Network plug-ins
  • Ability for user to share your site information with their social networks
  • custom-branded QR Code
  • much more!

    Sample mobile website after conversion.

Mobile content will sync with changes in your website content automatically so you only need to make changes in one place.

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Notes on Video Content

Whether you use your own YouTube video or an outside professional, a video on your website is a great marketing tool.
Important rules to consider for mobile video:
  • Keep it short and to the point (30-45 seconds)
  • Keep it professional
  • Do not autoplay – let the user decide to view on their terms
  • Make sure you have licenses for all music aired in the video
  • Keep the width displayable within the narrow view of a smartphone device (~300px)