My New Favorite Chrome Extension

For those who know me, you know that Chrome is by far my favorite browser.  I love the ‘drag and drop’ ability to easily add favorite sites to my shortcut toolbar, to rename them, and reorder them – which I constantly do.  I love being able to type my search text into the URL bar and have Google automatically look for content that I seek.  And I love Chrome extensions – from tools like Screen Capture to grab a quick image file or Colorzilla to determine the hex color values on a particular web page.

What I don’t love…are the resources that Chrome uses on my computer.  I am admittedly the worst multi-tabber out there (definition: multi-tabber: having at least ten, but maybe even up to twenty-five or more tabs open in your browser at any given moment).  Every tab uses about 60-130,000 K of processing memory, so multiple tabs tend to make my computer start to run very slow.  When this happens, my solution is to drag and drop the URLs into a folder on my desktop for reference at a later time.   Sometimes I simply forget to revisit these lost links, and sometimes the need to review their content has passed.

Now for the exciting part.  There is a new extension (actually, it might not be all that new, but I only just learned about it, so it is new to me) called One Tab.  I have been trying it out over the last few days and I have to say that it works wonderfully.  When I realize I have way too many tabs open, and my computer is beginning to feel the effects of this, I close out any trash tabs (search results or other tabs that I’m done using), and then click on the One Tab button on my extension bar.  Each open tab disappears and magically becomes a link in One Tab.  I can now go through each of those tabs one at a time until I am done, and then close the tab and remove from the one tab list.  If I find I have gone crazy with tabs again, just clicking the extension command will sort my new tabs in a different section of the One Tab window.

If you would like to try the One Tab extension, you can find it in the Chrome Web Store Here for Free.  

I hope you find this as useful and exciting as I do – feel free to comment on our Facebook Page.