Online Media Placement

Increase your exposure through media placement at Central NY Online (Coming Soon), our own cross-channel service providing messaging from businesses and non-profits through 15 counties in 5 regions in the Central NY Region. Businesses can sign up for placements in one region or all 5. Non-profits receive a discount on this service. Environmentally related non-profits post for free at

The Online Media Placement Program is an online service to assist businesses and community organizations promote their news and information through our own, new, cross-channel platform ( – currently in development).  We offer a limited free trial period and monthly, 1/2 year and annual contracts.  Non-profit organizations (must submit documentation) receive 50% off contract fees; Environmental non-profits post for free on the site only. covers a 15 county radius located in 5 regions of Central NY so that your business can target specific areas with your message listings or post to additional regions based on your contract.  Messages are categorized by region so that residents and visitors can receive messages that are most pertinent to them based on where they live or are visiting.  Business messages are reviewed and edited before final publication online within 24 hours of submission – content restrictions apply to prevent spam or inappropriate messages as determined by Central NY Mobile Marketing.

The Online Media Program for is promoted to users in each region through our own AdWords Programs, cross-channel networking, opt-in subscriber promotions, QR Code campaigns and additional traditional methods.  These mechanisms strengthen the visibility of the CentralNYOnline channel as well as the visibility of your business!  We encourage all users to share the links with others for greater success for all.