Preparing for your Holiday Marketing

If you haven’t started planning for your Holiday Marketing, it’s not too late.  How will you be marketing to get people into your business through the holiday season?  Does your campaign gear only on traditional marketing through newspapers and radio ads or are you including some non-traditional efforts as well?

One effective non-traditional marketing method is through messaging, including both emails and text messages, to customers who have opted in to receive information from your business.   If you have been building these lists over the year, you are on the right track; now you need to organize a plan to use this information to benefit both you and your customers.

When a customer signs up for emails or text messages from you, they are indicating that they like doing business with you and want to continue to do so.  This is a very targeted audience – a group that is already satisfied with your products and services – who deserve to be recognized differently in return for giving you access to them.  What benefits can you give these customers that are not available to anyone walking in your door for the first time?  Maybe they receive an extra discount or an item at a special price just for them.  Perhaps a discount on purchases that scales up each time they choose to do business with you instead of your competitors.  This is an audience that deserves special recognition.

When you have a lot of information to share, an email campaign is the best avenue.  Emails have about a 30% open rate, so the larger your list, the better your chances of results. Email campaigns can be image-rich and beautifully designed.  They can be used to recognize customer loyalty as a thank you and can include an enticing call to action – maybe an exclusive coupon or offer that is redeemable through a visit to your website.

In comparison, text message campaigns are particularly effective for short term promotions.  The goal is to remind your customers of something happening in the near future (maybe today or later this week).  Space is limited in a text message, but you can include images and a longer message if you need (at a higher cost per message).  Text messages typically have a 94% open rate, so at the very least, you can be assured that your customers are seeing your information.

Central NY Mobile Marketing can help you design, develop and implement these non-traditional marketing strategies to help you increase your sales throughout the holiday season.  To schedule for a free one-hour consultation, please call Susan today at (607) 643-5680.