Carry Out & Delivery Orders through Mobile & Web

As part of building your restaurant’s mobile presence through Central NY Mobile Marketing, consider adding the option for your customers to place their carry out or delivery orders through their mobile device or your website. We are thrilled to assist you with integrating this application into a custom landing page.

Following a great deal of research into the products and services offered by a number of companies, Central NY Mobile Marketing is pleased to promote a program that is comprehensive in benefits and affordable to set up and maintain by any restaurant owner.

Our service puts your complete menu online and allows your customers to place their orders directly through your website, your mobile site and your Facebook Page.  

  • Online ordering for your complete menu for take out and/or delivery services;
  • Integration into website, mobile and Facebook
  • Payment processing at time of order placement through your current credit card program (NO 3rd PARTY).
  • New Order Notification in your preferred method(s) – email, text, fax or phone.

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